Craft Kits - The Gift Of Escapism

Craft Kits - The Gift Of Escapism

If you're looking for something a bit different to gift why not chose an item that will not only provide a new skill but that also has countless health benefits?

Research shows that crafting can boost mood, improve self confidence and alleviate anxiety and depression. But it's more than just mental positives, there are physical benefits too. Crafting has been proven to lower blood pressure. The repetitive movements of crocheting for example helps the mind to relax and reduces stress levels. 

The movements and concentration that is required for a craft project also has a positive effect on your gross and fine motor skills and improves mental agility. This in turn can decrease cognitive decline meaning you have a great excuse to keep up the crafting projects for the rest of your life (even when your run out of room!).

When you give a craft kit you are giving the individual a reason to stop and escape into a world of the chosen medium, to relax, reap the mental and physical benefits and learn a new skill that they can use again and again. You never know, you may spark a new love for a hobby that could positively impact their life socially or, in the case of our wonderful traders, financially. 

So why not browse our range of craft kits and give the gift of escapism to the people you care about.




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